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Protrack Off Road Tech



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Our urge to create paired with our love for cars and especially four-wheel drives led us to founding ProTrack Off Road Tech back in 2006.

Our company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of 4x4 car parts and components, with our main objective being the conversion and optimization of transmission and suspension systems. Among our products are differential air lockers, gears, reinforced drive shafts, mounts, suspension parts, just to give you a taste.

At the same time we design and create products related to the protection of the vehicle itself, such as protective aprons for the lower part of the car, metal bumpers, reinforced tow points, winch plates, and many more.

Our primary goal in all the conversions we carry out is to satisfy every individual requirement of our customers, always focusing on the reliability and quality of each step and aspect of our work.

For these reasons we deal with each customer’s requirements and needs individually. Typically we utilize our own components that we develop and manufacture in order to satisfy all specific needs.

In the past, mainly from 1989 to 2005, the main objective of our work was the research, design and repair of specialized electronic machines, as well as CNC machines constructed for the engraving and wood industry. As a result of our operations we presented in cooperation with our partners the first fully “Made in Greece” CNC routing machines in 2002.

Our involvement in the 4x4 field began as a hobby with the reconstruction and optimization of an m38a1 Jeep in 1999.  We quickly identified the need for improved off-road capabilities and the absence of a differential locker in the market for the specific car, which inspired us to construct our first air locker. The result exceeded our expectations and made us think about the possibility of using it professionally.

Taking advantage of our 20 years of experience and knowledge in the construction field, we started to design and test differential lockers as well for other cars in 2005. The success of these first “Made in Greece”- lockers from 2006 onwards motivated us to occupy ourselves exclusively with the four-wheel drive and made us aim at improving it.

Today, with twelve years of successful presence and usage of our ProTrack Locker in excursion as well as in many four-wheel racing cars throughout Greece and abroad, and in order to be able to meet the continuously increasing demands of our customers, we have enriched and renewed all of our equipment and redesigned almost all of our products.

Currently our ProTrack equipment consists of a CNC lathe D350 X L1000mm, a four-axis CNC milling machine with the capability of a fifth, a conventional lathe 2000mm X 400mm, a gear hobbing machine module 6 - 350mm diameter, a vertical gear cutting machine ( gear shaper) module 4 - 200mm diameter, a axle and hole grinding machine, a CNC induction heating machine 36KW heat treatments, horizontal planner 600 x 600mm, automatic drilling-tapping machine morse 5, welding machines (MIG TIG) and other auxiliary tools and machinery.

For the future we are busy designing even more up-to-date products so we can continue excelling in meeting your needs.

(Thank you for the trust shown in us.)

On behalf of ProTrack Off Road Tech,

Michael Theologitis