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Vitara - Grand Vitara Reduction gears 3.56

Vitara - Grand Vitara ..2006 T-case gears. Ratio 3.56 : 1

Sales price 843,20 €
Sales price without tax 680,00 €
Tax amount 163,20 €

Reduction gears for the transfer cases of all Vitara and Grand Vitara models till 2006 with engines from 1.6L up to 2.0L. 

They only affect LOW-gear settings and the ratio is 3.56: 1 

There is also the possibility to supply any other different ratio from 3.2:1 to 4.24:1 if we have an order of at least 5 sets. 

To install them you might have to slightly grind the inside of the aluminium housing.


Units in box: 1 set