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Vitara Rear locker 10 bolt

Vitara Rear air locker Ring gear 10 bolts.

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Sales price without tax 530,00 €
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A unique, simple design with emphasis on durability, reliability and good functionality under any circumstances.

The main parts, the carrier and the locking mechanism are made from high quality steel and have been subjected to heat treatments for maximum resistance to strain and wear even under poor lubrication conditions. The air piston holder plate is made of a special alloy and the air pistons-cylinders are made of brass and aluminum which makes them resistant to the wear and corrosion to the moisture created by the use of compressed air.

The differential gears (side gears and pinions) used in this locker are that of Suzuki’s factory differentials. This means that the carrier is delivered “as is” /empty and that all internal components of the original differential must be placed into it.

An electromagnetic air valve, air connection fitting, air hose and an electric switch with LED indication are supplied with the locker.

It is necessary to purchase the fitting air compressor in order to be able to operate this product.  One air compressor is suitable for the  use in two lockers.

IMPORTANT! There are two versions: With 10 or 12 screws in the Ring Gear. 
Please, check the accuracy of your choice before order.

Ring Gear Bolts
Ring Gear 10 Bolts
Units in box: 1