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General terms.

All products we manufacture come with a warranty that guarantees the reliability and good performance of our prodcuts for two years from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated. Most of our products are high precision components which are thorougly controlled at every single stage of their production in order to avoid any defects during the manufacturing process. 

However, many other factors that can influence the functioning and trouble-free operation of car parts such as differentials and gears. That's why we recommend that these products be installed into your vehicle only by a skilled mechanic with the appropriate experience.

Because of the reasons mentioned above and in any case of a problem or damage to products purchased from us, we reserve the right to ask, for example, for photographs taken during the installation process, for information about the trade mark / make and type of oils used, for how many kilometers our product has so far been used, etc. We also reserve the right to see and examine the problem item before we proceed to replace or repair it.

In any case the customer is responsible for the shipping costs to and from us.

If we conclude that a possible repair will produce results comparable to this of a new product, then we will proceed to repair rather than replace it. In the case of repairing the warranty period can not be extended.

In the case of replacement the warranty period will be renewed for two years unless otherwise agreed.

For example if a semi-axle set is intended to be used for racing, we need to know it and thus agree on conditions specific to each case.

When claiming for repair or replacement within the warranty period, it is necessary to provide the order number if the purchase has been made by our online store

If the purchase has been made by one of our partners abroad you need to provide a copy of the proof of payment.

The same conditions apply if the car has changed its owner.